About the company

Resperanto services are designed, developed and operated by the Resperanto Group startup based in the Czech Republic. The ultimate goal is to provide the service to our clients across the world.

The Resperanto is a supplementary service which shall extend existing approach of hospitality, entertainment and accommodation services by combining world of modern technologies with classic servicing style. This service will improve the experience of guests in establishments, bring them the comfort they are looking for and ease their daily life. The establishments also benefit from this service. Read more in the business section of our pages.

Our goal is to build a widely used service based on modern technologies and the concept of on-the-spot self-service for the variety of establishments. All restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, and hotels guests can use one application over their smartphone allowing them to interactively communicate with the staff, send orders, ask for service and much more. The human touch is always available when you need to ask. In fact, the waitress will be happier than ever to serve you. Resperanto adds to the experience and encourages people to come back again.

This idea has been developed based on our personal experience across the world, where we were meeting always the same inconveniences and situations which disappointed us. We saw huge improvements in other business domains but still not here, in the service sector which is essence of our daily life. Therefore we have decided to give it a try to bring this among people who want something more and we believe it has a huge potential.

The first step is to cover the standard process of ordering and payments, followed by additional functions in the field of advertising, social networking, communication and entertainment, which further increases the comfort of users and the attractiveness of this model. This will be accompanied by advanced functionality which will be disclosed in due course.

The Resperanto Group is a team of experienced professionals, composed of long-term co-workers who have created and delivered a number of successful international projects in a wide variety of business domains. We would be delighted if you joined us as a client using this application, as a business providing the Resperanto service to your guests, as an investor in our success, or, as a distributor who wants to share in the growth and opportunity of introducing Resperanto to the world.

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