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What is Resperanto?

Resperanto is a self-service on-the-site ordering system for guests. A novel way to quickly and conveniently interact. A full customer experience where everyone benefits: the guest, the operator, and the owner. Improve guest service. Maximize table use. Increase average guest bill.

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Where can customers use Resperanto?



Take requests for food and drink on-the-spot. They call for service and Settle the bill quickly and easily any time. And quickly.


Hotels / Guest Houses

Call for food or drinks, cleaning service, extra towels, or information from the receptionist. Let customers send you their requests effortlessly through Resperanto and make their visit more enjoyable.



Hot, crowded and noisy? Let your customers relax. Why go to the bar when you can order from your table?


Fast Foods

Sell more and shorten the queue. Use Resperanto to order in advance before picking it up.



Let them come in, sit down and order. A waiter will bring it at the table in a few minutes. They need a bottle of water with that? No problem.



Make your guests more comfortable by respecting their privacy. Don't interrupt them when they're playing. Let them contact you when they're ready. Discretion built in.

Download the application for your business
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How it works?

Resperanto allows your customers to order and ask for anything from your menu on-the- spot by using their smartphone.

Receiving and processing orders saves valuable time

Orders are immediately displayed on your device at the bar or reception. The result is no time wasted and more efficient business.

You don't need any special equipment

The great news is that your Resperanto can run on any Android tablet with no extra hardware! Install the application, log in and start taking orders. We can provide you with a pre-set Resperanto tablet if you need one.

A supplement that helps your business

Thanks to its unique design, Resperanto is not dependent on your cash register or ordering system and can act as an independent supplement to your existing technical infrastructure to generate new revenues and more comfort for your customers.

How much does Resperanto cost?

Resperanto registration is for free and you can start using it without any initial costs.

Register your establishment, enter basic information and select relevant tariff fitting your plan how you want to use the service.

In case of questions or are curious to know more please contact us either by email at, by contact form or simply register for free and check out for yourself!


Partnership Program - a bonus for your guests

Customers pay nothing for Resperanto and you can offer them discounts or rewards when they use Resperanto. The more your customers use the service, the greater the benefits for everyone. We offer partner programs that reward you even more when your customers are given incentives to use Resperanto.

Download the application for your business
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Why businesses should use Resperanto

Increase profitability

Acquire new customers

Resperanto is a game-changer in an increasingly competitive environment. Your customers will love to visit when you add the feature.

Higher table utilization

Higher table utilization. Handle more guests at peak hours thanks to faster & more interactive service

Higher turnover per table

With instant ordering and less waiting, you'll sell more.

More satisfied clients

With Resperanto guests can see your menu at any time in their language. Order easily and be served quickly. Who wouldn't want to come back again?

Viral advertising on social networks

Resperanto links your customers to social media in a snap. Word of mouth = more business.

Improving the customer experience

As a new collaborative way for the customer to interact with your establishment, Resperanto enhances the customer's experience and frees your staff to do more to maximize their pleasure.

Improve the customer experience


Clients are attracted to places offering new experiences. A great experience attracts more customers.


*Up to 40% of customers prefer businesses known for something unique.


* 55% of customers are willing to recommend a business based on the quality of service rather than the price or menu.


* 85% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more for good service.


With Resperanto you know exactly who your customers are. Give customers what they expect.


Because Resperanto is cool and well worth talking about.

* Source:

Resperanto can turn an ordinary dining experience into something memorable and paves the way for your business to welcome people with disabilities. Open your doors to hearing impaired customers and let them enjoy the same standards of hospitality and accommodation without any obstacles. Resperanto will also donate 5 CZK (0,2 EUR) from each monthly contract to a foundation that supports people with hearing disabilities.

Resperanto is a revolutionary service that is improving every day

Expect the following and more

Introduce your business to clients


Present your current offer to customers at any time


Wow your guests with a professional digital menu


Receive orders from your clients


Monitor new and processed orders


Simple service setup


The possibility to unsubscribe from the service at any time


Access to administer your menus


Comprehensive reporting in real time


Loyalty programs


Coming soon

Special personalized offers sent directly to your customers


Coming soon

Integration to common POS systems
Do you already have a cash register system that you would like to link to Resperanto?
Let us know


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