in your favorite restaurants, bars or hotels.

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How it works


Switch the app on

Use it at participating pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels showing the Resperanto logo.


Check in at your table

Use the Resperanto QR label to check in when you arrive at your table or hotel room...


Choose from the menu

Order at a glance. Don't remember what you had the last time? Resperanto does.


Submit your order

Your order is received at the bar or restaurant.


Order confirmation

You receive confirmation of your order and when it will arrive.


Bill, please!

Use Resperanto to contact the staff so you can pay quickly and easily.

Using the Resperanto application on your device, just register upon arrival. And at this moment all services are at your fingertips. Call the waiter, have another coffee, settle the bill. Simple, fast, without misunderstandings.

End of waiting during the midday rush

You know the routine. It's lunchtime and there is no time to waste. Such is life. Nobody likes to wait and slow service is a killer. Use Resperanto to save your time. Use your time for more important things like enjoying your meal.

Have a taste for something else?

Don't bother calling the waiter. Browse the dessert section and click on a cake. No need to interrupt your discussion.

Pay without waiting

Finished? Had enough? Want to walk through the park before heading back to the office? Paying couldn't be easier. Use your Resperanto account or Resperanto straight pay and take your time walking back.*

Use your spare time to catch your breath!
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Use Resperanto anywhere


Welcomed in restaurants, pubs or cafés

to make your life easier


Great for food courts when you don't want to stand in line*

Pay and pick up. Life's short enough already.


Use Resperanto in hotels. Take service to another level

What do you need? Get it faster. Avoid any confusion. No language barriers.


Use Resperanto at the station or airport

to grab a coffee when time is tight.


Use Resperanto at a stadium or theater

Why wait in line or miss anything?


Use Resperanto when you need to be discreet

Privacy is built in.

Download the app and search for businesses displaying the Resperanto logo.

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Other Resperanto benefits?


Get discounts at selected Resperanto partners

Menu search

Available in different languages

Quick access to your favorite items

Post messages on Facebook to let people know what you're doing

Hassle-free service for both you and the establishment

Order discreetly without personally contacting anyone

Take full advantage of all the benefits of Resperanto!


What people are saying about Resperanto


"Resperanto is an incredible idea. I wish I had something like this a long time ago. I can use it everywhere, especially at lunch. It'll save my time and my nerves... I can't wait to use it! :-)”

— Eliška
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Resperanto is your portal to the world of service and hospitality. You don't need one app for each place you visit. Free up your phone space. This is the future. Let Resperanto simplify ordering everywhere.

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Help us distribute Resperanto in your favorite establishment and get rewards.

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