1. These general terms of use of services (hereinafter "GTU") of Resperanto Group s.r.o., based at Křížová 2598/4, 150 00 Prague 5 – Smíchov, Czech Republic, Company ID (IČ): 026 53 711, enlisted in the Register of Companies kept at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 222033 (hereinafter "Provider"), govern the mutual rights and obligations of the contractual relationship (hereinafter "User"). These rights and obligations arise in connection with the use of Resperanto, a service operated by the Provider (hereinafter "Service"). The Service is accessed via a web interface or a special Application developed by the Provider (hereinafter "Application").
    2. Service enables registered Users to order products and services from registered operators, in particular restaurant and accommodation services (hereinafter "Operator").
    3. A User can be a natural person.
    4. Legal relations between Provider and User expressly not stipulated by these GTU are governed by the respective provisions of laws of the Czech Republic in force, in particular by Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, Act No. 634/1992 Coll. on Consumer Protection, and Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data and on the change of specific laws, as amended and effective, as well as related regulations. At the same time, this legal relationship shall be subject to all the legal regulations of the European Union.
    5. Provider is entitled to alter or amend the wording of these GTU. In the event of any change, User must be informed about the change and allowed to withdraw.
    1. To use the Service, in particular to place a successful order, it is not necessary for the User to be registered. Registration is recommended, however, for the possibility of using other services. Registration is possible via a web interface or Application.
    2. User is obliged to provide accurate and truthful information and to update it in the event of any change. User is obliged to fill in all the mandatory data required by Provider. Provider is not entitled to require completion of obligatory information that would affect the private sphere of the User.
    3. The User Account is secured by a User Name and Password. User is not entitled to provide the use of this Account to third parties. Provider bears no responsibility for any misuse or inadequate protection of its use.
    4. Provider is entitled to cancel User's Account without compensation in the event of a breach of these GTU.
    1. Service is used only for mediation of orders between User and Operator. All prices indicated for offered products or services within the Service shall be paid only to Operator's account.
    2. Operator is responsible for the topicality of offers and their prices. In the event of divergence, User is entitled to demand the price specified in the Application at the time of order. Provider is not responsible for the prices listed in the Application.
    3. User acknowledges that the Service is not provided without interruption. Provider shall make reasonable, commercially justifiable efforts to ensure the operation of the Service. Operator is not responsible for any failure or unavailability of Service, whether caused by Service itself, Application or by external influences such as availability and quality of data connection.
    4. Service shall be provided as a free service.
    5. User acknowledges that Service is provided without any guarantees of functionality, availability or usability.
    1. Order created by User and sent via Service is binding to User.
    2. Operator or its employees confirm the order received via Service (order acceptance). After order acceptance by Operator, User is not entitled to cancel or amend the order in any way. By confirming the order on the side of Operator, a contract is concluded between User and Operator whose content is the specified order.
    3. In the event of User being an under-age natural person, Operator is entitled to cancel the order if it is deemed inappropriate to User's age or in contravention of the applicable law.
    1. User is entitled to enter reviews of individual Operators and possible comments, and to send messages to Operators through mobile Application or web interface.
    2. User is responsible for the content of reports and reviews written by him/ her. In particular, User undertakes not to express him/herself in a vulgar way or in violation of applicable laws.
    3. Provider of Service is entitled to delete inappropriate posts and comments at own discretion.
    4. Provider of Service is entitled to block the Account of a User who violates these GTU, or to disable the use of Service without any compensation. This does not affect the right of Provider to compensation for damages cause by User.
    5. User is allowed to submit an order only from the venue in which he/ she checked in to the Operator using the original Resperanto QR tag. If User wishes to order from another venue, it is necessary to check in to the Operator again.
    6. Operator shall deliver ordered products or services to the venue defined by an original Resperanto QR tag where User was logged in at the time of order, unless agreed otherwise in advance.
    7. User is forbidden to manipulate, transmit, duplicate, damage or pollute Resperanto QR tags placed in the Operator's business premises.
    1. Provider shall not be liable for defects caused by interference of third parties in the functionality of Service or User Account, or as a result of any use which is contrary to their purpose.
    2. Provider shall not be liable for the functionality of User's data network, User's hardware equipment, condition of User's software or any interference of third parties in User's software.
    3. Provider shall not be liable for the accuracy, correctness, completeness of Operator's offer or further information on the side of Operator.
    4. Provider shall not be liable for the availability of offered items, for delivery of ordered items or quality of service from the side of Operator.
    5. Operator shall not be liable for unavailability of web- or wap-site of Provider, in particular with regard to the necessary maintenance of hardware and software equipment of Provider.
    6. User is liable for violation of these GTU.
    1. By registering, User agrees with the provision of his/ her personal data, in the case of a natural person, the name and surname, date of birth and e-mail address; in the case of a legal person, the name, address, Company ID (registration number) and e-mail address.
    2. User agrees with the processing of his/ her personal information specified above for the purpose of maintaining User Account and identification. All data shall be processed in compliance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic. User is entitled to express in writing addressed to Provider any objection to the processing of his/ her personal information.
    3. In the case of a violation of the security of personal information, Provider is obliged to notify User in writing and to request assistance.
    4. Neither Provider nor Operator have the right to provide any information about User to third parties without written approval.
    5. User agrees to receive commercial announcements and information related to Service, offers by Operator and its business partners.
    1. Legal relations stipulated by these GTU shall be governed by the applicable legal regulations of the Czech Republic.
    2. If any provisions of these GTU are found to be invalid or unenforceable, or if they become such, the invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision whose meaning is as close as possible to the invalid provision. Invalidity or unenforceability of one provision does not affect the validity of the other provisions.
    3. These GTU are valid from 7th November 2014.